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Michael Herzog

Since I was a student I was interested in mainly two things: nature and photography. Every free minute was spent watching animals in the forest or field, by bike or foot. I spent hours watching birds building theirs nests or mice collecting their food reserve in the attic of an old farm. I don’t want to miss one minute of this.

My first camera (at least a viewfinder camera with interchangeable lens) given to me on my twelfth birthday by my uncle, my joy about this present was limitless. The camera became my constant companion. Besides photography I also occupy myself with the “workflow”, as it is called today. I spend time with film development using a daylight developing tank, or working for hours in a darkroom with an enlarger and developing and fixing baths. In a school club we experimented with positive and infrared films. All this seems to be a strange unimaginable world for young photography fans.

Significantly shaped by the analogue era and in the end spoiled by the analog Canon EOS 3 the changeover to digital photography happened only in 2007. Thereby the photographic possibilities seriously expand. On journeys together with my wife Yvonne in Asia, Australia and Africa we explored new, fascinating flora and fauna. The sheer inexhaustible variety of photo scenes made us lose our hearts to eastern and southern Africa many years ago. Photo journeys to these regions became a constant part of our lives.

At home in Bonn we spend our free time with visiting photo workshops, meet with other photo enthusiasts, for example on the international GDT festival or further refine and design this homepage. In addition we are also involved in a photo club in our home community Wachtberg (https://www.fotoclub-wachtberg.de/).

You can also find more photos of us at

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