Cheetahs – A life in Africa

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The fastest and yet most graceful big cat of the world
As the fastest mammal on earth, the cheetah can reach up to 110 kilometer per hour on short distances. His graceful lightweight construction helps. Michael Herzog often had the opportunity to witness these wonderful animals, but he was especially impressed by the cheetah Malaika, living in the Masaai Mara. He could watch her as a huntress, as quick as an arrow and a caring mother. The wild cheetah is (unfortunately) famous for misusing jeeps as a viewing platform.


The family planner “Cheetahs – A life in Africa” is a monthly calendar in a practical portrait format (21 cm x 45 cm) with five columns for appointments and notes, considering of 14 pages (incl. cover page and general overview) for the year 2021. All family planner pages are hold together by a coil binding. In the bottom section of every month is a calendar, Sundays and public holiday are highlighted in color. On the page “general overview” the content of every single photo is described at the end of each page.

The calendar is printed digitally in four-color print on high-quality, multiple coated art paper (170 Gram) to the latest ISO standard. This provides razor-sharp detail reproduction of the impressive photos. Of course the paper is FSC certified. The calendar is equipped with a transparent cover as well as a carton back for further stability. The shipment is performed by DHL with a solid, flat packaging made out of carton.

German Calendar

45,0 x 21,0 cm (ISBN: 978-3-672-18415-5)

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Dimensions 45 × 21 cm


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