Wild Rhinos in Africa

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White and black rhinos in Africa
The massive pachyderms weigh up to 2.5 tons, still they are very vulnerable creatures. They are being hunted because of their horns by poachers. Poaching has again dramatically increased in the last years. In many nature parks the horns are being trimmed to decrease the appeal for poachers and increase the chances of survival of rhinos. We have to protect them, before it is too late.



The calendar with planner function “Wild Rhinos in Africa” is a monthly calendar in the formats A5 to A2, consisting of 14 pages (including cover page and overview) for the year 2021. All calendar pages are created by a wire-o Binding (ring binding) held together. In the right area of each month’s sheet is the calendar, where all Sundays and holidays are red and Saturdays are highlighted in gray and can be used as a day planner. The “Overview” sheet describes the content of each image below each image.

The calendar with planner function is printed digitally in four-color print on high-quality, multiple coated art paper (170 Gram) to the latest ISO standard. This provides high-resolution detail  reproduction of the impressive animal photos, which were all taken in southern and eastern Africa. Of course the paper is FSC certified. The calendar with planner function is equipped with a transparent cover as well as a carton back for further stability. The shipment is performed by DHL with a solid, flat packaging made out of carton.

The CALVENDO-PREMIUM-Edition are calendar art prints in high gloss and museum quality. In addition, a stable back wall with two innovative insert pockets for optimal presentation on the wall. Of course, individually manufactured in Germany and with high-quality materials.

German Calendar

21,0 x 14,8 cm (A5) (Table Calendar with planner function)  (ISBN: 978-3-672-64390-4)
29,7 x 21,0 cm (A4) (Wall Calendar with planner function) (ISBN: 978-3-672-64387-4)
42,0 x 29,7 cm (A3) (Wall Calendar with planner function) (ISBN: 978-3-672-64388-1)
59,4 x 42,0 cm (A2) (Wall Calendar with planner function) (ISBN: 978-3-672-64389-8)
59,4 x 42,0 cm (A2) (Premium Wall Calendar with planner function) (ISBN: 978-3-672-64391-1)

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