Cape Town

Cape Town – Mallorca at Africa’s southern tip. Living in one of the most European city in all Africa? Living next to the Table Mountain? About 30,000 German made their dream come true and we can understand them. No later than every two years we are drawn to the southern tip of Africa. The mixture of lifestyle, nature, wildlife and the serenity of Cape Town and its people fascinates us. Very few other countries offer during our holidays a similar quality of life. Magnificent coastal landscapes with endless sand beaches, a rich and diverse wild life, romantic vineyards, often in front of charming scenery. Also culinary wise the country has a lot to offer. All this you can enjoy at a comfortable climate, at least in the late spring months. Then the whole Cap region is blooming and the nature is very colorful. At this time whales bear offspring not far from Cape Town.

But Cape Town wouldn’t be Cape Town without its famous landmark, the Table Mountain? The mountain sits enthroned above the City and is seen from almost every point in the city. Even after a few years we are still fascinated by the fantastic panorama. Especially from Sunset Beach you can see the Table Mountain in the background, the city in the middle ground and snow white beaches, dunes and the blue sea in the foreground. Not less appealing is the surrounding of Cape Town with marvelous coastal roads like the Chapman’s Peak Drive and wonderful bays, in front of a spectacular mountain scenery. Home to sharks, seals, whales and penguins.


If you want to enjoy great food, it is not mandatory to go to a fancy restaurant. Visiting an authentic food market is enough. The atmosphere is contagious and holds addiction potential. We like the Neighbour Goods Market in Cape Town and the Market Bay Harbour in Hout Bay, not far from Cape Town. While listening to live music you can enjoy Mexican, Tunisian, Indian, Asian, German and of course South African delicacies. We indulge and have to decide between fresh XL oysters, DIM SUM or Springbok filet? Sadly the personal capacities during ingestion are limited.

The Impact of abundance is very apparent if you take a look at the obese mascot in the port of Hout Bay. It beg for fish the returning fisher boats.

Cape Town is a never ending story for us, photographically as well.

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