Elephants – family happiness

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The herd offers security

Encounters with elephants are also one of the greatest and unforgettable moments for Michael Herzog. His love for the gray giants often takes him to their homeland – the savannahs, rivers and marshes of eastern and southern Africa. Let yourself be enchanted by his beautiful pictures.


The puzzles are printed, punched, processed and packaged in high quality. The puzzle pieces are punched out of 1.9 mm thick puzzle cardboard. The finished punched puzzle is blown, sealed in a plastic bag and placed in a slip-on cardboard box (dimensions: 37.3 x 27.3 x 5.6 cm). The individual puzzle motif is displayed on the outside of the puzzle box in large format and thus serves as an excellent puzzle template.

1.000 pieces (ISBN/EAN: 4059477030108)

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