After nearly 30 years of abstinence from Dresden, it was high time to pay a visit to the city and its surroundings. After 9 hours in the office in Bonn just to Dresden and the adventure can begin in the capital of the Free State of Saxony. In addition to our gala dress uniform for an evening with the Magic Flute in the Semper Opera House, we of course have all our photo equipment with us. Short break of contrasts as we love it. The weather was as good as announced by the weather forecast.

Hardly anyone can escape the baroque buildings in Dresden. Likewise a stroll through the beautiful old town. We are particularly thrilled by the nocturnal sight of the city. At this beautiful evening we spend half the night on the rocky banks of the Elbe River, while the others enjoy a glass of wine or two in the old town district.

But as beautiful as Dresden is with its “Frauenkirche”, we are drawn 30 km out into the landscape of the “Elbsandsteingebirge” with its imposing rocky backdrop. Out in the wonderful Saxon Switzerland. The varied shapes richness of the sandstone landscape is a must for walkers and photographers. On the “Basteibrücke” in the morning from 5 clock already limitless photo fun guaranteed. At this early time, the morning mist settles like a thick wadding over the landscape along the Elbe River with its picturesque villages. The view from the Bastei bridge sweeps far into the country. The birds wake up. Absolute silence. Until the moment when a young man comes and starts his monster drone next to us.

Here in the nature reserve it is forbidden, but it does not bother the owner obviously. Suddenly the rancher approaches. In no time at all, the culprit and the drone take flight. His rapid pace saves him the fine. Maybe we should have held him. We are alone again with nature. What a luxury in this densely populated country. We will gladly stop by again and again.

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