On our 20 year journey through the world of photography, macro photography also cast a spell over us. Full of energy, we bought two macro lenses, a camera with an integrated stacking program, various lights and spacer rings as well as a corresponding textbook. Now we could start. But what happened? Nothing. And that for a very long time. Who is surprised? This type of photography takes an incredible amount of time and a lot more patience. Both are in short supply with us.

But then something happened that changed the world and thus us: Corona. Suddenly long-distance travel is impossible. Slowing down is the order of the day. Now we too are discovering the beauty of nature with its little inhabitants in detail.

In addition to flowers, we get on top of everything that crawls, has 6 legs and can fly. One or the other frog hops in front of our lenses.

We perceive life that we have never seen before with such clarity. This is how Columbus must have felt when he discovered the world.

But you also quickly become aware of the most annoying opponents of macro photography: sun, wind and the escape behavior of insects. Wings and armor reflecting in the sunlight, moving blades of grass are the last thing an excited macro photographer needs. And often the object of desire has already fled before you have set up your equipment and aligned it perfectly. Those who have not been able to muster up much patience will learn it now.

So that the frustration does not get out of hand, we relax with macro photography of flowers. We are particularly fond of the wild orchids. It happens that we live in an area where a third of the orchid species in Germany grows. But this fact only helps to a limited extent. They are rare, only bloom in a few places and are difficult to spot.

Once we got a taste for it, our lives cannot be imagined without macro photography. Beautiful pictures, to be in nature, to keep moving. There is nothing better for us.

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