Wild Flowers

South Africa – not only a land of wild animals, but also of wildflowers. In spring you can enjoy on the west coast the sight of millions of flowers. They hang like carpets over the countryside. A colorful sea of ​​flowers, that has no equal.

In spring, most of the proteen bloom (silver tree plants). The Protea is the queen of flowers at the Cape and emblem flower of the South Africans. Of the 115 species 85 species are native only in the Cape. Then often several meters high bushes are in magnificent bloom. The colors and the diversity of inflorescences are a photographers dream. These plants have existed for 96 million years, making them among the oldest in the world. For them, nature has probably completed a fire protection insurance, because even a bushfire survive.

We lay flowers friends at a spring trip to the Cape the botanical gardens in Kirstenbosch his heart. It is located on the eastern side of Table Mountain and is deservedly the most beautiful world. We ate there many hours, spent surrounded by flowering proteas and could not see us enough of them.

Upon our return my wife is immediately plunged into a flower shop and has a Königsprotea purchased. Unfortunately, there they were only there for the vase. After just one week, they offered us a pretty sad sight commanded. In future we are waiting with the sight of a Protea but rather to the nearest Cape travel.

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